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LHI 10 Pairs XT-60


10 pairs of high quality XT60 male and female power connectors.
Made of high temperature
Nylon and gold plated spring connection, both in the injection mold
included at the time of formation of the connection.
Ensures a high amplifier connection

Choose us, your best decision!

1. Give the customer the best experience we have always followed.
2.Strive for perfection, remarkable!

High quality materials and exquisite design

1. Advanced protective cover, total casting technology and fully integrated with banana plug, with special heat-resistant nylon material.
2. The concave tail sheath, designed to allow a heat-shrinkable tube, can be inserted deeper to protect solder joints from water vapor.

Make the customer experience the center

1. Shaped shell design + groove design, so that the connector is tighter.
2. Anti-slip plug design, plug lighter.

Details of the place, witness of the intentions

Delete positive and negative mark symbols to avoid connection errors.

Man-made end-bond wire openings are located 180 ° outwardly so that the welding work facilitates a semi-circular opening so that the welders can playfully weld easily.

Precise shaping, the connection leaves no gaps, good sealing.