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BEC (UBEC) 5A/7A 5V (support 3-8S)

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LHI Brushless ESC external BEC (UBEC) 5A/7A 5V (support 3-8S) receiver power Model accessories reduction voltage module kit

Item Description:

  • Voltage: 9V-35V (3-8SLIPO)
  • Continuous Current: 5A
  • Instantaneous current: 6A 20
  • Output voltage: 5.25V + /-0.5V
  • Dimensions: 43 * 21 * 1mm
  • Product Weight: 18g
Product Features:
  • A switching power supply design , switching power supply controller chips frequency of 300KHz, both over-current and over-temperature protection, chip efficiency up to 92% ;
  • small volume , light weight ;
  • shield electronic devices are protected with a magnetic output lines , greatly reducing electromagnetic interference , to ensure acceptance of machine work
  • has the power to prevent reverse polarity protection, reverse power if the accident does not cause damage to the traditional advantages of UBEC BEC compare :
  • Switching power mode BEC and BEC compared to using a linear regulator of the advantages is mainly reflected in : When using 3 series (11.1V) or more batteries , you can greatly reduce the BEC fever, and improve overall efficiency.
  • For example : When using a 4 string lithium , the normal operating voltage of about 14.8V.
  • The transmission mode with a linear regulator to output current, the power must also end 5V/1A input current to 1A . So there 14.8V × 1A = 14.8W of power consumption in the BEC, BEC , however the actual useful output only 5V × 1A = 5W, so the overall efficiency of only 5/14.8 = 33.8% , while power consumption is 9.8W into heat, it will lead to overheating BEC chip into the protected status and unable to work ;
  • Use a switch-mode current to output 5V/1A , our actual tests show power terminal can simply enter 0.38A current , ie 14.8V × 0.38A = 5.6W of power .
Package include:
  • 100% Brand New
  • 1 x 5A external BEC or 1 x 7A external BEC

Item Picture

  • Brand Name: LHI
  • Material: Plastic
  • Plastic Type: ABS
  • Size: 5A/7A
  • Tool Supplies: Assembled class
  • Remote Control Peripherals/Devices: ESC
  • Use: Vehicles & Remote Control Toys
  • Technical parameters: Value 2
  • Wheelbase: Bottom Plate
  • Model Number: 5A/7A
  • For Vehicle Type: Airplanes
  • RC Parts & Accs: Receivers
  • UBEC: 5A/7A