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AK103 & AK123 PNP Kit


AK103 & AK123 PNP


  • The drone is small and portable, let you travel light, enjoy the flight fun.
  • It can provide high quality, reliable power.
  • Double bearing motor, long flight time.
  • XT11015-6100KV, double bearing, light weight, only 2.6g(Happymodel SE0803 motor'sweight is 2.5g); 11 series motor ispowerful and durable compare with08 series;motor use JST-1.25mm-3Pplug.
  • 65mm bumper can keep safe flight and protect props.
  • AC2000, ingenuity hardware dual-core framework, two CC2500+LNA wireless system connect twoantennas. Compare other recivers that switch antennas depend on signal strength, AC2000 two antennas can keep receive full-time, greatly enhance the response speed and reliability in execrable wireless environment.
  • AK103 has 65mmbumper,it can beprotect prop andkeep safe flight.
  • With Runcam Nano2 Camera, give you a clear view as you were just there.