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Thunder 600X


Thunder 600X

There are 3 kinds of configuration to be selected: KIT 、PNP、PNP+FPV 


  • FPV Modular design, angle adjustable.
  • Airfoil lampshade, LED built-in, beautiful and concise.
  • Buckle design, easy disassembly and install
  • Configurable A2205-2500KV moter,hollow steel shaft,resistance to fry,crashworthiness.
  • The fuselage is lighter and the resistance is small.


  • It's a good gift for Drone enthusiasts.
  • Simulation of appearance design, you are sure to have a simulated flight!


  • Item Name: THUNDER
  • Color:Black&orange
  • Item No.: 600X
  • Material: EPO
  • Wingspan: 656mm
  • Length: 357mm
  • Airplane Weight: 116 grams(Without electronic equipment)
  • Package Weight: About 1.13kg
  • Packing Size: 62.5 x 35.5 x 14cm
  • Motor: 2205/2500KV
  • ESC: 35A
  • Servo: 12g
  • UBEC: 2-6S 5V/3A
  • Battery: 3S-4S LiPo
  • Size:625x335x140mm
  • Weight:116g