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ML2212S 920KV Brushless Motors


LHI ML2212S 920KV Brushless Motors CW CCW for F330 X525 F450 F500 F550 DJI Phantom Quadcopter 2019 Latest Version Texture Gray (4PCS)


  • 1.LHI 2212S motor USES N45SH magnetic steel, temperature resistance up to 150℃.
  • 2.The LHI 2212S motor is equipped with Japanese NMB bearing, and the shaft material is upgraded to HRC55 degree stainless steel, which is very wearable and helps the motor to reach the maximum speed of 20,000rpm.
  • 3.LHI 2212S motor adopts high temperature enameled wire of 200℃, which is not easy to damage and protects copper wire from damage.
  • 4.All rotors of LHI 2212S motor have been balanced and corrected at high speed. When the motor is running at high speed, the vibration is smaller and the flight is more stable.
  • 5.The rotor of the LHI 2212S motor is designed like a wind blade. When the motor rotates at high speed, strong airflow will be generated inside, cooling the coil directly. This design allows the motor to maintain a lower temperature.