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Radiolink AT-9 Transmitter



  • Full-featured full-model

AT9 continues to use the AT10 full-featured full-model system, supporting helicopters, fixed-wings, gliders, multi-axis aircraft and other models. Continue to retain powerful programmable mixing settings to provide a complete experience for Flight Mode!

  • Stability and remote control distance
AT9 adopts DSSS direct expansion super strong anti-interference mode, and has strong stability. The AT9 ground distance also achieved a long distance setting of 900 meters on the ground. At the same time, still use 4096-level data resolution, so that the majority of model friends in flight control experience perfect smooth operation!
  • Response speed and return

3ms response speed and receiver set for all channels

1. Appearance

The AT9 is designed with three three-position switches, four two-speed openings, one reset switch, and four adjustable potentiometers. Through several mud molds and hand-board experience, AT9 strictly follows the ergonomic aesthetic design. Whether it is the grip or the rationality of the switch layout, the AT9 starts from the user's opinions and experience, and designs for a better grip and control experience.

2. MINI receiver

AT9 receiver R9D overall size is smaller than the peer 8-way receiver, can be regarded as mini

3. Support S-bus
R9D supports S-BUS! Whether it is a three-axis straight machine control system or a multi-axis aircraft S-BUS, AT9 is perfectly supported, reducing the burden of too much installed line! More importantly, reduce the weight of the body and make the flight even better!

4. USB online upgrade
AT9 does not require a programmer, and it is easy to upgrade directly with the most commonly used mobile phone USB cable! Keep your machine in the latest and advanced program status!

5. Navigation menu
The AT9 takes the navigation reminder menu first. When you need to make changes, the screen displays a prompt to guide you to the next step, so that players can easily set up and operate without flipping through the manual!

6. The first  multi-axis aircraft setup menu
The AT9 has a multi-axis menu mode, which makes it easy to play the multi-axis aircraft mode when debugging the machine!

7.Vibration alarm function
AT9 has the function of vibration alarm