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ZMR 8A Dual UBEC V4 BEC Voltage Regulator Module for RC FPV ducted turbojet Petrol Engine

8A UBEC V3 Specification:
1. Input voltage: 4-8S LiPo (15-36V).
2. Output voltage:
Channel 1:12V (Stable)
Channel 2:: 5.2V/6V/7.4V/8.4(adjustable)
3. Output Current: 5.2-8.4V: 8A Instantaneous 16A
12V: Continuous 4A Instantaneous 6A
4. Input wire: No. 16 silica gel wire, length 30CM
Output wire: 22 multi-core silica gel wire, length 30CM
5. Size: 49X46X11.5mm
6. Weight: 50g
Notes: When using 12V output, please use batteries above 4S.

V4 module is specially designed for aeromodel gasoline engine, which solves the problems of complicated wiring and troublesome installation for many gasoline engine players.

8A UBEC V4 Specification:
1.Continuous current:8A. Maximum instantaneous current:12A.
2.Working voltage:3-6S, battery compatibility is stronger.
3.With advanced signal isolation technology, only one battery can be used to supply power to the receiver and CDI at the same time without interfering with each other. It saves the trouble of using two batteries to supply electricity.
4.The receiver has three adjustable voltages of 5V/7.4V/8.4V.
5.It has remote extinguishing function.
6.It has two external power-off switches, which can power off the receiver and CDI respectively.

1.Please do the ground test before flying.
2.Keep the module and receiver more than 10CM away from CDI.
3.Please set up remote control out of control protection.